about me

Brandy Travis, owner of 7 Sisters Gifts & Wellness, has
been passionate about arts and crafts since she was old enough to hold a
pencil. Growing up, she spent hours practicing and exploring a variety of  mediums, and still does today. Having worked
as a commissioned muralist and painter, she has an appreciation for the
creative passion and hard work that small business makers put into their
products. She created 7 Sisters as a place to showcase these artists. In
addition to her own designs, she hand-picks high quality pieces, made by
talented artists from all over the US.  

Why 7 sisters?

In addition to my close relationship with my 2 sisters, I was raised with a great example of the close bond between a group of sisters. My Mom is one of 10 kids, 2 boys and 8 girls! The love she shares with her 7 sisters is a special one. 

As women, there's something special about the relationships we share with the women in our lives. Our "Soul Sisters." It may be a Sister, a Mother, or an Aunt. It may be the besties who've been there for you for as long as you remember, or someone you just met, who happened to show up in your life just when you needed a friend. She, or they, are the ones you're thinking of now. 

Thank you for joining me to find a special gift for her.